You can host your Masternode and forget about technical details involved and concentrate yourself on more important things.


We are a group of enthusiasts who aim to help “usual people” enter into the fantastic world of cryptocurrencies. You do not need a lot of IT-knowledge to start receive passive income now.

No way!

Cryptocurrencies were created to eliminate trust between parties resulting in “trustless” systems. Masternodes and Supernodes completely follow this philosophy. Your crypto-money is always only in your posession. We do not have any possibility at any point of time to get access to your money. We just create infrastructure which allows your money to participate in money creation process.

Payments accepted only in crypto: * BTC * DASH * XTZ * ZEN * ETH * ZCOIN * XMR * EMC *

Historically. Long time ago we started with Masternodes Dash. 

Tezos bakery

Tezos bakery

IMPORTANT! Bakery will be closed!!!


Dash Masternode

Host your Dash Masternode. Self funding currency / vote to fund projects. It is even possible to automatically pay hosting with no further interaction! Click for more information.

HoriZEN Securenode and Supernode

Only 42 ZEN for a Securenode and 500 ZEN for a Supernode. More information here.

Zcoin Masternode

Zcoin Masternode.


PIVX Masternode. Privacy oriented project with staking possibility as well.

Syscoin Masternode

Syscoin Masternode.

NEM Supernode

NEM Supernode. Click for more information.